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78L 400pcs Cigars Premium Natural Wooden Constant Humidity Touch Control Adjustable Temperature Cigar Humidor Cabinet

78L 400pcs Cigars Premium Natural Wooden Constant Humidity Touch Control Adjustable Temperature Cigar Humidor Cabinet

JUSTOWN believes that the core of all products is the humanized design and Yanke's quality. Based on many years of product consumer experience, we continue to develop and design more practical, simpler and more user-friendly products.

The company has developed and sold four cigar cabinets according to market demand, which are suitable for different customer needs:

1. The electronic cigar cabinet is a professional cigar cabinet with real humidity control and maintains constant temperature and humidity even in low-temperature climates. With low noise, it has a very obvious price advantage for professional-grade cigar cabinets.

2. Compressor cigar cabinet, suitable for large-capacity cigar cabinet, stable temperature and humidity, low energy efficiency, mature technology, is the mainstream cigar cabinet product on the market

3. Professional-grade compressor cigar cabinet, the professional-grade cigar cabinet is very cost-effective, the inner tank is made of cedar wood, the wind feeling is very low, the cigar will not be blown by the wind, and the unprotected maintenance of cigars is truly done.

4. The white arc-shaped cigar cabinet, pure white appearance, stable product function, and the rounded arc-shaped appearance that young people like most nowadays, it has very distinctive features and is very competitive.



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        why do you need a cigar humidor:

· You can have your cigar to save in a steady constant humidity and temperature control condition,because the humidor will have a good seal to maintain the internal temperature with the help of a thermostat and hygrometer.Any cigar lover will need a good humidor to keep their cigars in prefect condition for maximum enjoyment.Here is what every cigar lover must have a humidor.That’s why JUSTOWN  Concentrated on research and development of Humidifying and Cooling System Since Year 2011,we are proud to provide the dependable products to the customer all over the world in this decade.




Cooling TypeCompressor Fan Cooling
Installation TypeFree Standing 
Capacity(L) 78
Storage Capacity (Cigars) 400
Shelf3 pcs Spain Cedar Wooden Shelves 
DoorBlack Glass Door
Adjustable Humidity Range50-80%
Adjustable Temp. Range16 - 22℃ 
Temperature Stability+ / - 3 ℃
Humidity Stability+ / - 3%
LightWarm White LED Top Strip Light + Side Spot Lights 
ControlLCD Touch Control 
Body MaterialBlack color pre-coated metal
Body Dimension (WxDxH)W400 x D508 x H810mm
Packing DimensionW448 x D560 x H865mm
N.W. (kg) 28
G.W. (kg)30
Product Advantages

 Main5 brownMain4Main6Main 3Main6Main4wine cooler and cigar humidor combowine cooler and cigar humidor combowine cooler and cigar humidor combo



 wine cooler and cigar humidor combo

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