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wine fridge Compressor Custom Electric Commercial Large Capacity Cigar Humidor Cabinet Cooler


Cooling TypeCompressor Fan Cooling
Installation TypeFree Standing 
Storage Capacity (Cigars)2300 pcs
Shelf7 pcs Spain Cedar Wooden Shelves 
DoorBlack Glass Door
Adjustable Humidity Range50-80%
Adjustable Temp. Range16 - 22℃ 
Temperature Stability+ / - 1 ℃
Humidity Stability+ / - 1.0%
LightWarm White LED Top Strip Light + Side Spot Light 
ControlLCD Touch Control 
Body MaterialBlack color pre-coated metal
Body Dimension (WxDxH)59.5x60x180cm
Packing Dimension65x75x183mm
N.W. (kg)93
G.W. (kg)98

The factory is equipped with advanced production equipment, with an investment scale of 15 million yuan, 75 production workshops, 5 R&D departments, 3 technical departments, 3 administrative departments, and 8 sales departments. It is also equipped with a professional laboratory and stamping room. , Leakage test room, etc. advanced constant temperature and humidity experimental equipment, advanced production equipment.

Although each department has a different division of labor, their goal is the same, that is, to create value for customers!

Products must pass the test at three ambient temperatures of 26℃, high 35℃ and low 8℃. After passing the aging, noise and drop tests, and all of them are qualified, the R&D department will formulate the production process plan, and the mass-produced products will also pass the technical department. Only by the verification and quality inspection of the quality inspection department can the products be delivered and accepted. Scientific technical solutions and strict production standards ensure the high quality of the products.

Our customers include well-known brands in the industry such as Avanti, Dunavox, Aneken and HEALWAY, and they have a wealth of industry experience.

In the ten years since its establishment, we have never been satisfied with the achievements of the past. On the contrary, we have worked hard to make ourselves more outstanding with our delicacy and rich experience. We are one of the few manufacturers in China that produces professional cigar cabinets and has export certification from mainstream countries in the world. From production to research and development, cigar cabinet products have always been in the lead in the industry and have also been recognized by many customers.

At present, the factory has strong production and R&D capabilities, strict quality control, and non-rich product styles. Customers are very welcome to talk about cooperation.

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This cigar cabinet can maintain constant temperature and humidity, like the Boveda system, the cigar cabinet has a Water container, and you must ensure that the Water container has water during normal use. When the humidity is too low, the fan on the Water container will start to blow moisture into the cabinet to increase the humidity. When the humidity in the cabinet is too high, the cabinet’s refrigeration system will start, and the moisture will condense into water and flow into the Water container when it is cold. Inside. And about the temperature, when the temperature is too high, the cabinet will cool, and when the temperature is too low, the cabinet can also heat up.

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