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Winston Churchill cigars sell for six figures


On March 11, the main item auctioned by Duke's Auctions of Dorchester was a Montecristo humidor made of mahogany with decorative geometric inlays inside. The words "The Hon. Winston Churchill" are engraved on the cover. The auction also includes two personalized aluminum tube cigars, an amber cigar holder with 9 carat gold, a leather holster and a mother-of-pearl pocket knife.

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The estimated price of this lot is between £5,000 and £7,000, but there are obviously some die-hard Churchill fans at the auction, because the final auction price was 61,000 pounds ($84,728), and the total estimated value after taxes and fees was 76,250 pounds.   Churchill became a smoking icon in the 20th century, and even a cigar type was named after him. However, the cigars sold in this auction are not Churchill's iconic 178mmx47 size. One of them is a perfect cigar made by Santa Maria in Havana, and the other seems to be a Corona or Corona Gorda size cigar produced by A.M.Hirschsprung & Sønner Tobacco Company in Copenhagen.
The label of the cigar produced in Santa Maria features the image of this respected statesman, and the aluminum tube says "Dedicated to The Right Honourable Winston Churchill, Doctorphilosophiae honoris causa The University of Copenhagen Oct the 10th 1950. / offer To the distinguished Winston Churchill, Honorary Doctor of Philosophy, University of Copenhagen, October 10, 1950." The other aluminum tube is "Especially Packed for The Right Honourable Winston Churchill", and the cigar is marked "La Corona Winston Churchill".   One of the mother-of-pearl pocket knives is believed to be used to cut cigars and is engraved with "Winston L.S. Churchill". These items belonged to Churchill’s personal servant Norman McGowan (Norman McGowan). They were put on the shelf by Duke University expert Julian Smith when they evaluated a house in Devon, England. discover.   This is not the first time Churchill's cigar souvenirs have been auctioned. In 2019, a cigar dropped by Churchill at the movie premiere was sold for 4,800 pounds (approximately US$6,670). In 2017, half of the cigars that Churchill smoked were sold for more than US$12,000. In 2010 A Cuban Camacho cigar owned by Churchill was sold for more than 2,000 pounds (approximately US$2,780).

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