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The first day of dry-aged beef,and what different between dry and wet maturation

The first day of dry-aged beef,and what different between dry and wet maturation

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JUSTOWN  has been checked based on the quality control checklist. The checklist covers weight & dimensions, fabric materials, color, markings & labeling such as sizes, textile composition, and packaging.


1.Can we put our own logo on the machine?
Yes,we can do OEM/ODM for you.
2.Where is your factory located?
Our factory is located in Guandong Foshan, China
3.What is the delivery time?
It depends on the order quantity and racking types. If you purchase our standard machine,the delivery time is within 7 days.


1.The factory is equipped with advanced production equipment, with an investment scale of 15 million yuan, 75 production workshops, 5 R&D departments, 3 technical departments, 3 administrative departments, and 8 sales departments. It is also equipped with a professional laboratory and stamping room. , Leakage test room, etc. advanced constant temperature and humidity experimental equipment, advanced production equipment.Although each department has a different division of labor, their goal is the same, that is, to create value for customers!
2.3. Professional-grade compressor cigar cabinet, the professional-grade cigar cabinet is very cost-effective, the inner tank is made of cedar wood, the wind feeling is very low, the cigar will not be blown by the wind, and the unprotected maintenance of cigars is truly done.
3.4. The white arc-shaped cigar cabinet, pure white appearance, stable product function, and the rounded arc-shaped appearance that young people like most nowadays, it has very distinctive features and is very competitive.
4.2. Compressor cigar cabinet, suitable for large-capacity cigar cabinet, stable temperature and humidity, low energy efficiency, mature technology, is the mainstream cigar cabinet product on the market


Foshan Jiatang Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. It is one of the earliest companies engaged in the research, development, production and sales of cigar cabinets in China. It adopts advanced technologies such as independent temperature and humidity control, and is a professional-grade cigar cabinet that truly realizes controllable temperature and humidity. JUSTOWN believes that the core of all products is the humanized design and Yanke's quality. Based on many years of product consumer experience, we continue to develop and design more practical, simpler and more user-friendly products. In the ten years since its establishment, we have never been satisfied with the achievements of the past. On the contrary, we have worked hard to make ourselves more outstanding with our delicacy and rich experience. We are one of the few manufacturers in China that produces professional cigar cabinets and has export certification from mainstream countries in the world. From production to research and development, cigar cabinet products have always been in the lead in the industry and have also been recognized by many customers. At present, the factory has strong production and R&D capabilities, strict quality control, and non-rich product styles. Customers are very welcome to talk about cooperation.

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