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Golden frame Sea level compressor cigar humidor C-828

Golden frame Sea level compressor cigar humidor C-828

Luxury design of golden frame glass door model C-828 cigar humidor with sea level control system,gold door frame and door handle,the lastest modern luxury design.
Firstly,the sea level system is the most advance humidity and temperature control system,the humidity Fluctuation Range is +/-1%,it is incredible and reach the highest level in this field.
Our engineers spent few years to develop this system,we successfully put it into our humidors.It means that your cigars would be storage in a more stable environment than it ever had the capacity is over 1600 counts,the system will detect the humidity and temperature by the sensors from Switzerland then adjust the humidity in according to your setting,it is very easy for use,all you need to do is put some water inside,don‘t need the boveda packs any more.
The weight is 93KG,the dimension is W595 x D680 x H1800mm,Adjustable Temp. Range:8-22℃.Temp. Fluctuation Range:<1℃.It can work under 110v or 220v,50HZ
The machine is quiet silence,you can put in your bedroom or living room,it wouldn’t border you and your family,the compressor cooling system is power saving.One year warranty,indefinite technical support.



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This cigar cabinet can maintain constant temperature and humidity, like the Boveda system, the cigar cabinet has a Water container, and you must ensure that the Water container has water during normal use. When the humidity is too low, the fan on the Water container will start to blow moisture into the cabinet to increase the humidity. When the humidity in the cabinet is too high, the cabinet’s refrigeration system will start, and the moisture will condense into water and flow into the Water container when it is cold. Inside. And about the temperature, when the temperature is too high, the cabinet will cool, and when the temperature is too low, the cabinet can also heat up.

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