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CS-65 Electronic Cigar Cabinet Upgraded 65 Liters put 350 cigars

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Key benefits Up:16-22℃
Visible digital temperature display •Compression fan cooling technology to provide
the most suitable temperature for cigar lovers, circulating water tank, stable replenishment of temperature and moisture in the
cabinet, and precise humidity adjustment.•Humidity control range ± 1
After the eggplant is made, it needs to be kept warm in a cedar wood box and mellowed again, the temperature needs to be kept at
around 20° and the humidity at 65%-70%.
Price: $ 658
min order: 1 max order: 1000
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  • CS65


Product Name
Compressor Freestanding Cigar Humidors ZS-A86X
Installation Type
Storage Capacity
350-400 cigars /4Cedar wood drawers/shelves
Net capacity(l)
Defrost Type
220V-240V/50Hz or 110V
Temperature Range (℃)
16-22℃ / 61-72℉
Humidity (inside cabinet)
Door/ Door Glass
Full glass/Stainless steel door /Double glazed templed transparent glass
Shipping specification
Net/Gross Weight
Dimension Product (mm)
W460xD540x H735mm
Dimension Packing ( mm)
W510 xD660xH885mm
Dimension Product (inch)
Dimension Packing ( inch)

Electronic cigar cabinets have several advantages over traditional methods of storing cigars.

1. Precise Temperature and Humidity Control: Electronic cigar cabinets are equipped with advanced technology that allows for precise control over temperature and humidity levels. This ensures that cigars are stored in the optimal conditions, preserving their flavor and preventing them from drying out or becoming too moist.

2. Consistent Air Circulation: These cabinets are designed to provide consistent air circulation, which helps to prevent the growth of mold and ensure that the cigars age evenly. With traditional methods, cigars may be exposed to stagnant air pockets, resulting in uneven aging.

3. Space Optimization: Electronic cigar cabinets are designed to maximize storage space. They often feature adjustable shelves and compartments, allowing users to organize and store their cigars efficiently. Additionally, some models offer a compact and sleek design, making them ideal for small spaces.

4. Convenient Monitoring and Maintenance: Many electronic cigar cabinets come with built-in monitoring systems that display the temperature and humidity levels. This makes it easy to monitor and adjust the settings as needed. Some models also have alert systems that notify users if there are any fluctuations in conditions.

5. Energy Efficiency: With advanced technology, electronic cigar cabinets are designed to be energy efficient. They often have low power consumption and can be programmed to operate at specific intervals, saving energy and reducing overall costs.

In conclusion, electronic cigar cabinets offer precise temperature and humidity control, consistent air circulation, space optimization, convenient monitoring and maintenance, as well as energy efficiency. These advantages make them a popular choice among cigar enthusiasts who want to ensure the optimal storage conditions for their cigars.



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