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Jiasi soup was founded
Ten thousand investment scale
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High-Tech Enterprise Specializes in Cigar Humidor over 10 years—— justown cooler

Jiasi soup was founded in 2011, fousing on the research and development of wine cabinet, cigar cabine, steax cabinet and other constant temperature and humidity rroducts.

Concept: Justown believes that the core of all products is humanized design and the quality of yan ke. So its products unlimited pursuit of the world's recgnized highest standard of electrical apluances, the european union standard as the quality basis, integrated products for many years,consumers.

With experience, we constantly develop and design more practical, simpier and more humanized products. To achieve a high level of quality and humantes.It's our product.
The factory is equipped with advanced production equipment, the scale of investment of 15 million yuan, 75 people in the production workshop, R & D Department of 5 people, 3 people in the Department of Technology, 3 people in the Department of Administration, the sales department of 8 people, and is equipped with professional experimental room, stamping room, leakage of cold measuring room and so on advanced constant temperature and humidity experimental equipment production equipment advanced. Each department although the division of labor is different, but their goal is the same, that is, to create value for customers! The product should be 26 ° high 35 ° C low 8 ° C three kinds of environmental temperature test after passing, after aging, noise and drop test, all qualified, R & D department out of the production process program, mass production of products but also through the verification of the Ministry of Technology, Quality Inspection Department of the quality control, in order to deliver the acceptance of the scientific and technical programs, strict production standards, to ensure that the product of high-quality. Our customers include AVANTI, DUNAVOXANEKEN and HEALWAY and other well-known brands in the industry, with a wealth of experience in the industry.

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About Wine and Cigar Cabinets.Wine, especially foreign wine, and cigars are like twins.A large number of practices have shown that a windless storage environment is more friendly to cigars.In addition to windless storage, we have made a number of improvements to our products in terms of their adaptability to changing weather conditions and their durability, in order to provide our customers with more advanced storage conditions.
Gaston has more in-depth research on cigar and wine storage in one cabinet.
Individualized to meet the needs of customers to achieve more efficient and specialized storage.
More in-depth research and development of windless cigar cabinets.Our research on windless cigar cabinets is more thorough and in-depth.


  • Thermoelectric cigar humidor manual book 2016revision.pdf

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