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the White Small Arc-shaped Cigar Cabinet 145 liters put 800 cigars

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Introducing the White Small Arc-shaped Cigar Cabinet, with a capacity of 145 liters and the ability to store up to 800 cigars. This unique cabinet features a sleek design and is finished with a piano baking paint process, resulting in a vibrant and translucent color. The temperature and humidity levels are stable, with fluctuations kept within plus or minus 1 degree, ensuring optimal conditions for cigar preservation. With 12 years of experience in cigar cabinet production, our factory guarantees advanced technology and consistent quality. Elevate your cigar storage with this premium cabinet.
Price: $ 711
min order: 1 max order: 1000
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General Information:
Volume: 145 Liter
Storage capacity: around 800 pcs cigars
Installation: Free standing
Shelf configuration: 3 cedar shelves
Adjustable temperature range: 15 to 22 ℃ (59 to 72°F)
Adjustable humidity range: 60%-80%
Ambient temperature: 0-35 ℃ (32-100°F)
Noise level in decibels: <41dB

Compressor: JIAXIPERA
Condenser type: Fan forced
Refrigerant: R600a

Climate classification: N / SN

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